L: La Sagrada Familia R: Camp Nou

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Barcelona is a coastal city that will charm you with its mix of Gaudi’s colourful mosaics, gothic architecture and everything inbetween. The emphasis on good food and even better drinks mean that they city has a relaxed beach vibe; it is best to experience the atmosphere in a tapas bar near the sea at sunset with a glass of sangria to hand. La dulce vida!


Antoni Gaudi’s influence can be seen in Barcelona’s Modersnista architecture which add pops of colour to the Gothic buildings that tower across the city’s skyline. There is no better place to view this than Park Guell where you can wander among the trees and walkways to experience Gaudi’s obsession with nature. In the city centre, La Sagrada Familia is nearing completion almost 100 years after Antoni Gaudi’s vision of a medieval-like cathedral with awe-inspiring towers.

 The sandy beaches are a nice break from the bustling city streets of Barcelona with a seafront promenade filled with palm trees, joggers and cyclists all enjoying the sun. There are also good seafood restaurants and bars to enjoy with a magnificent sea view. Or there is Port Antic (Plaça del Portal de la Pau), a small market filled with antique photographs, oil paintings and records – be prepared to arrive early to find a unique bargain.

It is definitely worth visiting Camp Nou, the home of F.C. Barcelona, for a tour of the stadium to see the most exclusive behind-the-scenes areas as the footballers do. Or to really appreciate this gigantic football club, watch a football match and sing along with 99,000 other fans in this incredible atmosphere.


L: Casa Calvet R: La Dolce Vita Rooftop TerraceThe lively tapas bars surrounding the central Mercat de la Boqueria epitomise the busy nightlife and vibrant cuisine; the market itself is an interesting building with Modernista influences and the food produce inside it is certainly a sensation for your senses.

You cannot miss out on the most popular and famous tapas dish – patatas bravas – chunkily-cut and fried potatoes doused in spicy sauce. Fàbrica Moritz (Ronda Sant Antoni 39) stay true to the classic Catalan and Madrid versions of patatas bravas, whilst Bohèmic (Manso 42, Eixample Esquerre) closely guards their secret recipe. Casa Calvet (Carrer de Casp 48) is housed in one of Gaudi’s earlier masterpieces and offers various tasting menus and an intimate setting in a ‘taula cabina’ (wooden booth).

The wine list may be top of the range, but so too is Majestic Hotel’s luxurious rooftop terrace La Dolce Vitea (Passeig de Gracia 68-70, Eixample) with its spectacular views of La Sagrada Familia and Montjuic. You are guaranteed a special evening soaking in the music and atmosphere of Barcelona from up high. Since 1820, Bar Marsella (Carrer de Sant Pau 65) has specialised in absinthe and even served Ernest Hemingway in his time, so why not follow in his footsteps and taste the potent  green drink.


L: Gran Teatre del Liceu R: Big Bang Bar

It might not be your typical night out but an evening at the Gran Teatre del Liceu (La Rambla 51-59, El Raval) will be one you won’t forget. The theatre hosts classical opera performances in its large, ornate, gold leaf auditorium – you should visit this prestigious opera house for one of its performances, tickets are not usually too expensive and the overall experience will leave you breathless.

If you are looking to dance till the sun comes up, head to Gattopardo (Avinguda Sarria 44) which is small but frequented by locals with a variety of music being played so it caters to everyone. Whilst the Big Bang Bar (Carrer Botella 7) has live jazz music every night and a cracking atmosphere to keep you dancing all night long.

Luxury Rentals in Barcelona - COMING SOON to 4G PRODUCTION!

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